teekie the chihuahua

teekie, the adopted deerhead chihuahua who lives like a princess!

teekie, the tiny adopted deerhead chihuahua that lives the good life with her mommy cruising in her slick cadillac wheels!

dear famous chihuahua®

this is teekie the chihuahua! her nickname is teeks or princess teekie and she is a 4lb full blooded akc registered deerhead chihuahua. teekie’s coat is black and white with beautiful tan markings. she was born on nov. 9, 2007 and i later adopted her on june 10, 2009 from a very nice couple who are chihuahua breeders in the state of indiana.

the first time i saw teekie, i just knew in my heart she was the right dog for us. when tammy, teekie’s former mom, answered the door and was holding little teekie in her arms, i instantly fell in love with her. on our drive home back to michigan, she didn’t whine or cry – she was comfortable with us and that was a good sign!

teekie was already potty-trained when i got her and i realized that she was also remarkably bright, loyal and protective of me and my fiance. she never leaves my side and is always on my lap or laying next to me. she also loves car rides and she enjoys sitting on the passenger seat on her bed and blanket.

we love going to the beach and the park. in the picture above, we are heading out for a car ride and she is wearing an adorable dog t shirt that says “i will not poop in my neighbors yard!”

my teekie loves to wear cute chihuahua clothing and accessories. she wears a size xsmall/small and she looks best in pinks, purples and girly colors. she is especially adorable in chihuahua clothes with the word princess written on them, with shiny gems and designs. she is very spoiled!

teekie’s favorite food to eat is chicken. any type of chicken she loves! i feed her pedigree for small dogs. she doesn’t really have a favorite toy, rather she enjoys chasing my hand for fun. she gets so excited when i move my hand on the bed or on the floor! her little tail wags and she makes this really cute grunting noise!

when teekie wants to be petted, she will scratch my hand with her paw! it’s as if she were saying, “scratch me mom!” or “give me attention!” i’ve heard that’s called a “donkey kick”. she has a cute habit of putting her ears down when i look at her and then when i look away, she perks her ears back up! it’s so funny!

teekie has enriched my life to the fullest! adopting a chihuahua was the best thing i’ve ever done. i couldn’t even begin to picture my life without her in it. the joy she has brought into my life is unimaginable. she’s like my little child, i literally care for her like my own baby. she’s so tiny, so precious and always wants to be held. i love her with all my heart.

chihuahuas forever,

kali ridgeway of benton harbor, mi.

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  • Gregory Keplar
    May 9, 2010 7:43 pm

    Hi my name is Greg and Teekie is one of the best little chi’s I know. She is sweet kind and so adorable. She just loves to have her picture taken and her little belly rubbed. For the time I was with her she has brought me so much love and affection. She is one of the best things that has been in my life. And the other would be her mother. Love you baby, im happy for you and your winning chi, Teekie.

  • Thank You So Much Famous Chihuahua for giving Teekie her own article! It means so much to me to be able to do this for my Special little Princess, Teekie, who is such a Great Chihuahua & Has brought me & many others so much Joy!

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