overcrowded chihuahua rescue shelter forced to evacuate premises

nearly 200 animals, primarily chihuahuas and small dogs, were rescued from a chihuahua shelter in tehachapi, california last week. the humane society and kern county animal control removed the animals in a grueling operation rescue after the director of the chihuahua rescue organization was evicted from the property where the shelter resided.

there was one small long-haired chihuahua named george that pulled at the heartstrings of everyone. little george’s eyes were so badly infected that he was nearly blind and even though he must have been scared and confused because he could barely see, little george still gave friendly kisses and trusting tail wags to every rescuer that handled him.

approximately 150 dogs, 18 cats, 10 chickens, and several rabbits were rescued during this operation. all dogs are now available for adoption at the sacramento spca.

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