cheeto the chihuahua
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cheeto’s story: the three-legged rescued chihuahua

the story of cheeto, the three-legged chihuahua that was rescued by his two wonderful new parents, cory and danielle

dear famous chihuahua®,

my name is cheeto and i am turning 3 years old on halloween 2010. i am a rescued chihuahua and was adopted by my human parents cory and danielle when i was just a month old.

this year i suffered a terrible accident and unfortunately my vet had to remove my front left leg. i am still adjusting to the new challenges that come my way, such as just getting used to balancing on three paws, but with the help of mommy and daddy, these challenges get easier with every step.

not only has this been an experience for me, but for them too. they now have a special needs chihuahua puppy and although it’s been tough, i’ve inspired them in their own lives and would like to say that their love for me has bonded us for life!

now i get all the yummy tiny bonz and squeeky toys i could possibly want! what little puppy wouldn’t want that?!

thank you mommy and daddy for rescuing me!

love your little cheeto

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