chihuahua dies from a sudden and questionable death, can you help?

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veterinarian treats chihuahua with intravenous therapy

dear famous chihuahua®,

my name is phillip and i am just trying to find some answers. our 1 1/2 year old chihuahua suddenly got lethargic and this worried me enough to take her to the vet. on my way there she started salivating severely. the vet put my sick chihuahua on an intravenous, but a total of 5 hours passed from the first symptom and she then died.

it appeared to be congestive heart failure to the vet. he sent samples to the university of auburn to confirm his diagnosis… does anyone know what might have happened to my chihuahua?

thank you for any help or suggestions you can provide.
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photo from olathe animal hospital in olathe, kansas

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Comments 75

  1. Lynn roe

    Hi, my Chihuahua died March 12,
    2015. I called her bunny–bunny,
    Beautiful baby girl. I’m not sure
    Why. I am broken hearted. Monday
    Morning she was perky and happy.
    Tuesday aft. She had a fever. I gave
    Her antibiotics wednesday I took her
    To the vets. He gave her (2) shots took
    An xray did an ultra sound and Thursday
    She died suddenly. I am so sad lynn roe

  2. Mary

    I am in bits! My beautiful Eva just passed 3 weeks now at 9 years 4 months. The first sign was a bad smell, and coughing, which the vet put down to kennel cough. The smell was an invection in her back passage. She had antibiotics, but one weekend her breathing went down and her tongue was no longer a beautiful pink! When ex raid they found a huge tumor on her heart!! She has left a huge hole inmy heart, she was my shadow, followed me every where and waited for me at the bottom of the stairs. Thank you for being my friend……!

  3. Khali

    keith I am sorry for your loss i loss my baby tito 12/16/2014 at around 6:30. it was my fault because i didn’t take her to the vet i gave him a human turkey jerky stick. it was really small, but he got sick and i figured that he would bounce back but he didn’t, and i didn’t take him to the vet i just consoled him until he passed away and it hurts so bad because i keep replaying in my head “what if ” and it is killing me. i will eventually get another dog but before i do i will make sure that i am financially ready to take care of him. i can truly say that i know what it means to love and grieve. i miss him so so much and i wish the pain would go away if only for a day

  4. keith

    I lost my 6 and a half year old chiuaua Hazel jan 2 at around 420 pm at 330 pm she was fine she was outside in snow pooping with my other chiuaua louie they were both the same age he was a boy and she was my baby girl i opened the door and louie ran inside and she was pooping but as soon as i opened the door it looked like she stopped pooping and sprinted inside i made fun of her for stopping in mid poo to run inside she jumped up on the bed so i laid down with her she was by my head i laid there for about 45 min and got up to use the bathroom then i started getting dressed and louie was up but she wasnt i went to touch her and she was limp i knew she was dead but still tried to revive her i ran to the vets and was told she passed the next day i drove 80 miles to pullman washington to get an autopsy the doctor said her body was remarkable she had little food in her tummy and fluid in her lungs and uteris hes thinking she had walking phnemonia she seemed fine she ate her treats and she always waited to eat her dog food she was pickey like that the doc said she went peacefully in her sleep but i keep thinking had i had her checkup appointment a week earlier i coulda saved her or if i hadnt of laid back down with her i coulda seen something wrong but none of that will bring her back im 40 years old and have no children so those dogs are my children i feel like a part of me is gone but reading other peoples stories makes me know im not alone and she has alot of great dogs in heaven to run and play with i know some religions say dogs dont go to heaven but i know my heaven will have lots of animals because thats what i love my heart goes out to all who have lost there little guys and gals

  5. gloria

    I just lost my 10 year old Stitch chihuahua..He wasnt even sick…He was playing as usual and he vomit once but was fine..He went to sleep woke up and was restless I thought he was gonna vomit again or wanted to go outside so I let him out..He laid stretched out on drive way and couldnt get up (this is all in minutes) my husband saw him picked him up and He looked dead already..We dont know what happened..very sad ..

  6. Joseph

    I am so deeply sorry for all of your losses. My mother just had her one month old baby girl pass away. I WANTED TO help give her some answers. Just know that my heart goes out to all of you. Animals are innocent and amazing and deserved to be treated as loved family.

  7. grace ramirez

    my beloved chi named cookie died last night in my arm, i am totally devastated now. she was the best companion and friend that i ever had. she had a distemper last december 2013 and she miraculously survived it however she’s suffering from its complications, she has tremors and her left front leg continuously twitching. this pass few days i noticed that her appetite is decreasing, until she ate no more..and then last 2 days she started to vomit white foamy liquid and when the time progresses it turns to yellowish then coffee ground like vomitus. i gave her fluid replacement everytime she vomits and then i rushed her to the vet clinic wherein the vet says to continuously observed her and then prescribed some medicines, i almost ran to bought those medicines and gave them immediately to her..when we got home i noticed that she regained some of her energy and got up i was relieved by that on that moment but at around 10:30pm i noticed her she became lethargic and she can barely move and then she vomits again clear liquid and then  suddenly her whole body was trembling and her heart beat and breathing stops:'( i tried to save her by doing cpr but she’s gone. my heart breaks and i cant stop the tears that flown to my face, my whole body was shaking. it was the saddest moment of my life, i love cookie bear so much she’s the sweetest,spoiled, and stubborn chi i ever one can replace her big spot in my heart..i miss her big time.

  8. rosa

    i lost my baby, he was 1 year and 3 months old and i can not stop crying. He was doing fine saturday and when we woke up sunday, he was vomiting and he had dirarrea. he kept drinking water, he did not want any food. I satyed up all night with him. the next morning we went to the Vet. I picked the wrong vet because they took his temp and say his temp was low, he was in pain and he appeared to be dehydated. they said he would have to be put on an iv and he would be admitted. then they excused themselves to go write up a bill. they just left us there. one of them returned and said you need one thousand dollars before we can get started and they showed me a list of every test possible. my baby was still just lying there. I start crying and asked them to help him just get something started. the person left the room again. a doctor came in and said, even if we help him, he will not make it and asked to put him to sleep. I said no. She then asked if she could give him something for pain. she gave him a shotin his right upper arm. I left there in tears. before i could get home my baby, stretched his arms out, looked at me and died. I cry so hard, the lord drove us home. I am hurting so bad.

  9. Jarod

    I bought yesterday a chihuahua female 2 years old. Her owner had died recently. she was this blonde short haired who was a bit overweight. spoiled with food. she was very shy and jumpy. brought her home and she never relaxed.

    i put food and water out and she did not respond. she went into a corner and was shaking the entire time. i left her alone and just sat nearby wearing earphones so the noise would not bother her. i noticed that she was not moving very much. thought she fell asleep so i went to bed.

    woke up early and found her in the same position. rigor mortis had not yet set in. she was dead.

    i did not even have her 12 hours. 2 years old and died within hours of bringing her home.

  10. Harry

    My little girl Clara passed away today and I took her to get cremated. It was so sudden! See seemed very good this morning playing with my other chi but at around 5 when I was about to feed her she looked really terrible. She is really skiddish and I was playing my guitar about 20 mIn before I was going to feed her, so i thought she was just scared. But Then she layed down and was weezing really bad and she was gasping for air and she went limp. I felt like I should have done something but if there was still life in her I didn’t want to hurt her. Im still in awe.

  11. tina

    i got my moses in nov he was happy and healthy never stressed he even had his own babysittr who he loved I left for less the 2 hrs when i left he was happy and playing his babysitter was outside when i got back i went in the house and my little boy was lying in his bed dead it was 2 days before his 6 month birthday the only answers I have got from the vets is that i might have been a siezure i still dont undersand i know i took very god care of him there was no reson for this i miss him very much and wish i knew what had happened to him

  12. Leslie

    My sweet Roscoe, passed away suddenly!! I can not rest til i find out what happend to him.
    could someone Please help me and give me some answer so i can rest.
    I had went to work at 4pm and got a call from my daughter..she told me roscoe was coughing up blood and in a seizure like stage but he was barking softly and his little legs were ectended outward. my daughter also said his are were opened wide and coal black..he had ran to my room and went under my bed. when she finally got him from under my bed she said he was gasping for air and he stopped!!!
    this whole time i was on my way back home, it took me 20 min to get home, by then my sweet precious roscoe was gone!!
    when i opened the front door my daughter had put roscoe in his puple blanky and i totally lost it my world was upside down!!! i had roscoe for 7 yrs. he was given to me by my sister, she had found him on the road.
    he was up to date on all of his shots and he was very healthy, he ate very good and drank plenty of water.
    my heart is soo broken and i will always love my sweet baby boy roscoe.
    can anybody help me so i can know what happend and so i can rest??

    Thank you so much!
    always….Leslie loves Roscoe

  13. *ele*

    was it a teacup chihuahua or a “real chihuahua”? because teacups are prone to health problems..there is nothing you can do about it!!i compare teacup/toy/micro dogs to animal cruelty, plus chihuahua is the smallest dog breed in the world, why would you ever wanna make it even smaller!its not natural therefore its not healty!dont buy teacup dogs!they are just sad little animals!i feel so bad for them..

  14. Post
    famous chihuahua editor

    famous chihuahua wants you to think about what’s in your back yard, this is the time of year where poisonous mushroom grow in the grass, it is very possible that your chihuahua could have eaten a mushroom or something of the like and is seriously ill form it. it is likely that death can be a result if not treated ASAP. so go outside and look around for mushrooms in your garden or grass or anywhere your chihuahua may have been playing outside lately.

  15. Xoshaunaox

    …maybe I shouldn’t be reading these comments. I am taking my little guys to the vet at 3:20, for the second time. He has had diarrhea, vomiting, is very lethargic and hasn’t eaten in 2 days. I am so worried and I don’t want anything to happen to him!!!

  16. Steph

    This story breaks my heart and freaks me out at the same time. my lil pom-chi is over weight, we are cutting back on her food and getting her a lot more exercise, how do I do that and not worry that she will become hypoglycemic

  17. queen bee

    sorry for your lost… of my moms close friend adopted a chihuahua who was just three months old but it evantually died after three days who new why..:(

  18. Luckdragonschihuahuas

    i have 7 chihuahuas and am a family breeder of healthy pups. i have lost 3 of my dogs to Hypoglycemia in the past and this is all too common a problem in chihuahuas which is not widely known. Hypoglycemia is a problem that can occur in Chihuahuas, and is caused by the dog burning off more energy then he is taking in (especially since Chihuahuas have a small stomach), as well as other causes. Also, Chihuahua puppies that are stressed and not eating enough are prone to a hypoglycemia attack. Signs of hypoglycemia ranging from the least severe to very severe are:

    Lack of energy/sleepiness
    Lack of muscular coordination
    Convulsions /seizures

    The severity of these signs depends on how quickly and how low the blood glucose level is dropping in the blood.
    To be prepared for such a situation, always have some type of sugary substance available. This might include honey, corn syrup, nutri-cal, or concentrated sugar water. It is best to always be prepared for such a situation, and always have something available, by carrying something in your pockets/purse, etc. Even letting him nibble on a piece of donut or cookie could save an older puppy’s life. Feeding the dog some food after giving the sugar should be done to keep the blood sugar levels up for a longer period of time. Always keep an eye on your dog for several hours after. In more serious cases of hypoglycemia, and the dog is seizuring or in coma, carefully rub small amounts of syrup on the inside of the cheeks, gums and tongue. Be careful to not put too much in the mouth at one time, or else the dog might choke. Then take your dog immediately to the veterinarian. If the symptoms persist, or if the dog is showing major symptoms of hypoglycemia (seizures, coma, etc.), or any lingering effects of hypoglycemia, take your dog immediately to the veterinarian.
    Whenever I place puppies in a new home, I recommend that the new owner puts some sugar in the water, as puppies in a new home often don’t eat well the first few days, giving them an increased risk of Hypoglycemia. After several days, once the puppy is eating well, the sugar water can be stopped.
    i am very sympathetic for your loss and hope this helps some people as it has me

  19. Debbie Jones

    I’m sorry for your loss phillip, the only input i have is my Chi got lethargic, but unlike yours she was projectile vomiting. I was up all night with her and the next day I found an anti-diarreah pill on the floor where I change my clothes after work. I had put 2 in my pants pocket that day and forgot about them. I frantically looked for the other one but it was no where to be found. it was then that i knew that she had eaten it. luckily she didn’t eat both of them or she probably would have died. i am a lot more careful now, so possibly yours could have gotten ahold of something toxic without you to you and your family. Debbie jones

  20. Tom

    Could she been the littlest one of the litter. do you live in a area where it get hot and humid. Maybe she did not have a strong heart.

  21. shilo cairney

    i have been a chihuahua owner over the past 15 years 3 of them have past away. congestive heart failure is one reason at age11 … are little boy pootsie was out side and eating grass and later that day we found him almost dead.. we think he ate something he should not have eaten… so sorry for your loss..

  22. Dann marshall

    Had your chihuahua been exposed to any type of flea product? We have three, and recently had a terrible scare after using Sergeants gold flea treatment. They all 3 got terribly sick, w/ those same symptons, and more. It took 3 days for them to fully recover. Many flea products contain actual poison, and insecticides. After treatment, they lick their paws and such, thereby ingesting large amounts of insecticide.

  23. jessica

    this thing happened to my chihuahua about a yr ago and she passed way. the vet kept her alive for 2 days . her blood sugar levels kept droping and they couldnt figure out why but they would get them up then they would fall our vet said he had tryed everything he knew to do . but there were no answers . did your vet check the blood sugar levels b/c for a chihuahua that is a major thing and when it drops soooo low they start to have seisures thats what happened to mine

  24. susiep63

    My neighbor lost 2 little chihuahuas last summer within a few months of each other like this. They were ok one day then had diahrea and vomiting and lethargic and sudden death even with IV. I never heard what caused them.

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