chihuahua amigos

the heart warming chihuahua rescue story of the three amigos!

thank you mommy for rescuing us!

dear famous chihuahua®,

I was always thought I was a big dog lover, but in 2005 that changed. As a prosecutor, I went on a raid of a puppy mill where so many sweet little chihuahuas living in the worst conditions I was horrified. We rescued over 85 dogs that day, one of whom was my rescue chihuahua, Louis XIV.

Louis is brown, has big doe eyes, is very muscular, handsome and brave…except when it thunders of course. he runs to his mother and needs to sit on my shoulder with his face hid in my neck. He came into my life weighing only 1.5 lbs. I would take him to work as often as I could and he was so tiny he fit into one of my coworker’s suit jacket pockets.

louis melted the heart of all those he came into contact with. if he was in my office when I met with a victim/witness, his mere presence made us all so much calmer. I believe its because no one wanted to upset the tiny chihuahua sleeping in front of me on my desk.

Now Louis was full of energy and loved to play (as any puppy does), so I decided he might need a buddy. And as such we met Petunia. She is a blond, light golden chihuahua with the sweetest eyes and disposition, she is the best snuggler. Her mother was rescued along with Louis, but she was born afterward. She is every bit the pint size princess chihuahua that she appears, delicate and lady like. She is a major kisser and will spoil everyone with chihuahua kisses.

About two years after this, I got a call about a little baby chihuahua who had been either dropped on her head or hit and was brought into the shelter to be put down. She was blind from the swelling in her head and they didn’t know if she would live.

I raced out to the shelter to get her after she was treated by a Vet because with her condition she couldn’t stay in the shelter. I took her home and fell in love. I am happy to report she has made a full recovery and other than being a bit shy with strangers and a total Mommy’s girl, she is perfect and full of what can only be described as sassitude!

I cannot express how privileged I feel to be able to make a small difference in their lives which cannot compare to the blessings they have made to mine.



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