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we all have a cute and funny chihuahua names that we have given to our chihuahua that came about to describe something that is unique or characteristic of them.

teaka the famous chihuahua has several humorous and cute nicknames that are descriptive of her unique and quirky personality.  here are some examples:

“mussillu” – a family favorite. pronounced “moo see loo”. italian for “little snout” because her little nose is one of her cutest features. you can see it well in her ‘teaka gets a bath’ video above!

“bella” – italian for “beautiful” because she is beautiful with a shiny and healthy fur coat!

“pupillu” or “puparella” – nana’s favorite. pronounced ‘poo pee loo’ and ‘poo pa rella’. italian for a little doll, like one might make reference to a little child.

“trouble” – teaka can be quite mischievous at times so we might say to her when she enters a room, “oh look. here comes trouble …”

“killer” – a neighborhood favorite. when teaka goes for a walk she likes to let people know she is boss with her ‘big’ bark.

“the mexican” – teaka is actually from mexico so it just makes sense! (no pun intended!).

“mooch” – pretty self explanatory. she just happens to appear whenever you have food.

“little brown” – we call teaka this because she looks like a little racehorse when she runs, just like “big brown”, the horse that won the 2008 kentucky derby.

“little girl” – mommy’s favorite, because that’s exactly what she is, my sweet little girl.

selecting chihuahua puppy names for your chihuahua can be loads of fun especially when the entire family gets involved.

does your chihuahua have cute or funny nick name you would like to share?  we’d love to know!  share it with everyone at the famous chihuahua facebook page!

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Comments 103

  1. Pamela Krzyska

    I just got my chi puppy
    Named him Rackoon
    He has black rings on both eyes. Just like a raccoon
    And his body is white
    Very cute just so handsome

  2. cheewawamomma

    I have 4 adult chihuahuas
    Lola-(pretty girl)
    Simba-(baby boy)
    I have a new baby that’s 4weeks and I’m thinking of a name for her

  3. Lisa P

    We have a 4 year old female chihuahua we named Kona Bean (after the hawaiian coffee bean we are in love with). From that we got Beanster and the Mean Bean! We just adopted another female chihuahua yesterday and her name is going to be Kahlua a.k.a. Kahlua Cream and we’ll have a Kona Bean and a Kahlua Cream!

  4. Hannah

    Our chi is named Sarah. She was adopted by my family and we fell in love with her. I have a couple names I call her, first is gooby which came out of “goober” second is goose, short for silly goose and third the most recent is honey bee. My family calls her saR bear. 😄 She is the cutest most sensitively I’ve ever known!

  5. debbie

    our little apple head chihuahua was brought to us via an eagle. we live on the river and we found him in the yard with Tallon marks on both shoulders. He just about died. i didn’t want to name him because I tried to find his owner. i think someone put him out. i just called him boo boo because I had to treat his boo boo’s. well after no one claimed him I decided to keep him and we named him gizmo. but I still call him boo boo which he likes.

  6. Dale l. Brown

    My baby came from a shelter with the name of Kisses. I named her Mini. I call her Mini- Kisses.
    She is a love. Please adopt shelter chihuahuas. In California our shelters are full of Chihuahuas needing homes.

  7. Judie kelley

    kahlua blue: kahlua is mexican coffee which is makes everyone hyper and playful and blue because she goes with almost everything in our house because our favorite color is blue including our puppy’s name!!

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  9. Andie

    My little guy, “Zeus” is 8 months old and rips the stuffing out of his toys.
    I call him “puppa-stuffs” or “stuffas”.

  10. rachael

    my first chihuahua was named lucy, the second was chico and my current is m.e..(pronounced Emmy) story of her name: My 2 youngest sons fought over who Santa brought her for. all i heard was “shes for me, no me. no me, no shes for me, no me,mine, she is for me, this went on for days so the fighting amongst the two created her name, m.e.

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  13. Zenia

    my 4 year old girl ‘puppet’ aka Peepee
    my little boy ‘ loki’ aka lokipoki

    ‘chico’ aka titopaptito died last year of heart and liver failure i think of him everyday <3

  14. ChiMomma

    We have 10:
    Pearl= pearly wearly pumpkin sh*t
    Kitty= Itty bitty kitty
    Ginger snap= snappy
    bobo= bodie bo
    copper= boppy boo
    tinkerbell= tinky binky boo, or binky
    Zoe= zoe girl
    sasha= sasha cohen
    peewee= weeeee
    flower= flllllooooower pot
    we have a new little teeny tiny guy we are trying to find a cute BIg name for thats why I found this site and article!

  15. donna kernick

    my chihuahua are called Bambi boo , shes tiny like a little deer AND ralphies my boy i have a mini yorkshire terrier too Ruby doo . I did have a boy called dickie once : )

  16. petitepaw36268

    My little two & half pound Chihuahua girl is named PInto Bean. Her akc registered name (in part) is “frijoles”.

  17. Chichimama

    Dax (black applehead female) NN=Jellybean (for she is jealous of anyone, even the kids, getting attention instead of her)

    Harley (Brown/white merle deerhead male) nn=mr. bean (cuter short-form of mr. harley bee*) *lastname = barrowclough

    princess penelope pixiestix (pure white applehead female) nn=penny or lady pee

  18. Kristina

    ….our 4 y/o deer head female chichi is Koko Aka kokamo, mommy, pretty girl, blondie, momo and our 2 y/o little guy is buddy aka buddybud, booboo, beaner & yipper. they have had 2 litters, 5 in first litter, kimberly, peanut, khloe, gizmo, gracy & 2 in last litter, d.o.g. and hood aka chico. It’s a chihuahua world! we love all our babies!!

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