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i'm princess the teacup chihuahua! people are visiting my page the most because i'm super tiny

famous chihuahua® readers are loving these featured chihuahuas! the following chihuahuas have all made our top 10 list of featured chihuahuas whose pages have been visited the most in 2009. do you have a favorite featured chihuahua? let us know!

princess, the smallest teacup chihuahua in the world
my name is gizelle morales and i would like to introduce the world to my teacup chihuahua princess. i believe my princess is the smallest dog in the world, weighing in at only 1.8 pounds. she is as big as a dollar bill and smaller than a bottled water …

charlie, the tiny chihuahua who thinks he’s a great dane
my name is ana and this is charlie my chihuahua. he is 1 1/2 years old and weighs in between 1 1/2 to 2 lbs depending on how much food he’s eaten. i got charlie from a chihuahua breeder in north carolina. when i first laid eyes on him, he was only a mere 14 oz at 5 months old!

dixie rose, the adorable chihuahua that drives a hot rod convertible!
vroom, vroom! …hello famous chihuahua! my name is dixie rose and i am a 9 week old chihuahua puppy from the state of texas! mommy carries me around in the front pocket of her coveralls where i feel so safe and secure that i fall asleep …

sweet ms. bella, an abused chihuahua rescued out of love
this is my lovely ms. bella. she has been with our family for over 3 happy years. i found her while surfing the ads on the local penny saver. when i went to see her, i was truly shocked at the living conditions she was in. her owner told me that he hated the dog and if i didn’t take her, he would dump her at the pound …

pablo, the famous chihuahua from the ramsey and pablo show
this little superstar lives in chaska, minnesota with his best friend ramsey, a pure bred doberman pincher. some might say they are the most unlikely pair of dogs imaginable, but this is what makes their companionship so unique. after all, how often do you see a doberman pincher buddy up with a chihuahua?

she-ra, the tiny chihuahua puppy with princess power!
i’m writing to introduce you to my micro-sized chihuahua puppy named she-ra, the princess of power. she is named after a cartoon heroine from my childhood, the female counterpart of he-man, master of the universe! i chose her name because she is convinced that she is a giant super-hero …

chico, the humorous little chihuahua that looks like bram stoker’s dracula
my name is clara and this is chico the chihuahua. i took this picture of chico at halloween. it’s funny because it reminds me of bram stoker’s dracula. he makes me laugh when he sleeps on his back and looks like a bug that’s keeled over with it’s legs dangling in the air …

hercules, the chocolate colored chihuahua puppy with a big attitude!
hello! i am a short-haired chihuahua puppy from charlotte, north carolina and my name is hercules. i may not be huge, but inside this little 2 lb body is one tough guy!

bandito, the adorable little chihuahua from vancouver, canada
i am bandito the chihuahua! i have a happy home where i am the center of attention at all times and i am very loved and get lots of kisses every day! i love to eat and i want to taste everything that anyone else is eating too! my favorite snacks are cookies, mini carrots, pieces of cheese, and anything on my parent’s dinner plates!

bella and ruby, fabulous and famous chihuahua clothing models
introducing bella and ruby, the two house model chihuahuas from these little sweethearts are the lovely chi-babies of suzanne cousins. they were born in ireland, but now live in belfast …


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  • Thanks for making my night last ngiht when i read the story BTW we are waitng for Dixie’s offical letter from my doctor that says shes an official service dog for me caues im still having problems but shes helping alot

  • Ms. Classifieds
    September 11, 2009 1:26 pm

    Thanks for putting together this top 10 list! I love the pictures and I really enjoyed browsing these 10 stories, too. Keep them coming! 🙂

  • I would like to give thanks to the author for compiling these lovable chihuahuas. Those dogs are being blessed because of being small.

  • Bandito thanks you for being accredited as one of Famous Chihuahuas “most popular”!!! This is his favorite website!

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