what is a teacup chihuahua? is this even a legitimate term? get the facts right here!

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teacup chihuahuas

what exactly does the term teacup chihuahua mean and is it a legitimate term for characterizing a specific type of chihuahua?  much controversy exists over this term, so let’s get the chihuahua facts!

the term teacup chihuahua is mainly an american term.  it’s often used to refer to the size of a chihuahua and shouldn’t be used to categorize a specific type of chihuahua as you would reference a short-haired vs a long-haired chihuahua or a deerhead chihuahua vs an applehead chihuahua.

are teacup chihuahuas tiny chihuahuas that fit into a cup?

most chihuahua puppies are born teacup-sized, but they usually grow out of it.  it is important to note that chihuahuas of this size must be handled delicately and dressed accordingly with the proper chihuahua clothes to keep them warm and properly shielded.

many prospective chihuahua buyers are also unaware of the fact that if a chihuahua puppy isn’t nourished properly from birth, they will not grow to their full potential. this undernourishment will keep a chihuahua puppy from growing to their full potential as they reach adulthood.

this is also why it is very important to ask a chihuahua breeder what they are feeding their pups and for you to do your research as to what required nutrients your chihuahua will need once you bring them home. not all pet food guarantees your chihuahua proper nourishment.

a baby teacup size chihuahua puppy sleeps in the palm of your hand

teaka the famous chihuahua was fed essential fatty acids since birth and was also given a vitamin-mineral liquid formula in her water dish to ensure she was getting optimal nourishment to grow into a healthy adult chihuahua.  essential fatty acids were key to her beautiful silky smooth coat.

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Comments 125

  1. *ele*

    you guys disguste me! chihuahua is the smallest bog breed in the world ..why would you ever wanna make it even smaller !its not right its not healty!dogs are not an accessorize!why dont u do some reserch online ..teacup chihuahuas do not exsist!its just a term that backyard breeders invented to sell you a little sick mutt dog…yep you heard me “TEACUP CHIHUAHUAS” ARE JUST MUTT DOGS!AND YOU STUPID PEOPLE PAY A CRAZY AMOUNT OF MONEY TO BUY A SICK LITTLE MUTT DOG?? AND STOP CALLING THIS LITTLE WEIRD THINGS CHIHUAHUAS!THEY R JUST MUTTS!..YOU PROBABLY THINK IM A HATER RIGHT NOW..BUT WHEN U SPEND $1,500 FOR YOUR LITTLE MUTT AND THEN HE DIES AFTER FEW MONTHS OR IF YOU ARE LUCKY AFTER 2 ..3 YEARS(AND SEVERAL VET VISITS) THEN YOU WILL UNDERSTAND ..AND MAYBE THEN YOU WILL DO SOME RESERCH AND UNDERSTAND HOW IGNORANT YOU WERE WHEN YOU BOUGHT THAT LITTLE SICK MUTT..

    paula manterola…wow you are such an ignorant person..

  2. shivai

    i wanted a teacup chihuahua but i ended up with a yorkie mixed with schnauzer he is very sweet tho i love him very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tristan parsons

    iv got a teacup chihuahua her name is sassy and i got it @ petco and she was born 6 days ago she has little ears,body, and even her feet when she walks she wibbles and then falls she is soo cute my mom & dad got her a little ballerina costume for her.she even has the shoes!!!!! she has tanish brown fur!!!

  4. Little Mingo

    Didn’t you just tell everyone that there is NO SUCH THING as a teacup chihuahua. Egads….and yet, right there in the comments, breeders saying they breed teacup chihuahuas Now wonder the shelters are teeming with unwanted dogs…people want fashion dogs and when the supposed teacup grows too big, they are dumped. GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr





  7. Post
  8. maggy

    I’m looking for a dog and can’t seem to find one. I am from San Antonio ,Texas.And for those of you who are wondering we are not cowboys and cowgirls.Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are from Texas.
    Thank You!

  9. Desirea

    I have a 5 month tea cup chihuahua hes the most cutest little playful thing ever nd i am a high school student all i ever do is always just be with him his name is (chewy) i always find out something new on him but i don’t what kind of sick symptoms their are so now and then i check on him bit if you feel kust as concern as i do time to time yuu het him/her check at the vet’s.

  10. nim

    teacups are the cutest things ever but when thinking about buying one, it is really important that you should research a bit on them. my puppy diamond was only 4 months and he passed away two days ago because of genetic birth defects. it is so heartbreaking him not being here anymore. i just want people to know that these little guys are very fragile and they need to be attended to at all times.

  11. April Curry

    Hi My name is April. I have a chihuahua named Suzie. But she is not a tea cup. I want a teacup chihuahua. My chihuahua has diabetes. She loves me so much and I love her. She follows me where ever I go. She hates to be in a cage though. She loves to sleep.

  12. Enie

    My long hair chihuahua just had puppies…four to be exact but one was stillborn. The remaining pups are all boys and one is so small. The other one’s are three times the size of this one. My question is, could that be a teacup chihuahua? Someone told me that teacup pups can’t just be born from any chihuahua that they are a special breed. As a matter of fact the picture you have on top holding the pup in your hand is exactly the way my pup looks. My husbands wants to sell it but I am trying to convince him to keep it especially if it is a teacup. They are so adorable.

  13. Rhiannon

    She has bad leg and can barely walk on it. When i play with her she will start to run but has to stop and starts to look like she is going to puke she dosent though. I feel SSSOOO BBBAAADDD for her she should not have to deal with that poor thing. : (

  14. Rhiannon

    I have a chihuahua. Her name is Chloe. She is 2 now and still as playfull as ever!! I got her for free because my mom’s friends were losing there house and had to move into an apartment with no pets allowed. So i decided to take her. It was not that hard to take her in and now she is part of the family. Her old owners found a place were they can have her. They want her back but that will NEVER happen.

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